Three Important Things We Learned From The Last Big Bang Theory


What We Learned From The Last Big Bang Theory

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The last Big Bang Theory episode focused on Sheldon trying to mentally exhaust himself in order to grow a stronger brain. We learned quite a bit from his crazy attempts.

  1. Technology will eventually surpass you.

You may feel that you’ll never be too old to understand the latest technology, but your day will come. We’ve all had moments of frustration explaining the new IOS update to our parents, but some day our kids will have to explain teleportation to us.

Sheldon exemplified this perfect with this quote:

Sheldon: What happened to me? I used to excel at these things!

Howard: Kids are always better at video games.

Sheldon: Well I don’t like it.

Leonard: If it makes you feel better you still dress like a child.

If Sheldon, one of the smartest people in the world can’t keep up with technology, we are definitely doomed. 

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2. Juggling can be dangerous, so be careful.

Sheldon had no problem baking, so Amy suggested he try a physical challenge. Howard agreed to bring in some circus act practice, and Sheldon agreed that juggling seemed “simple enough.” However, things didn’t exactly go great when Sheldon had a little accident. He told Amy he moved onto unicycling because he “hurt himself juggling.” We’re not sure what sort of injury he sustained, but we’ll be staying away from the activity from now on.

Staying Up To Date On Pop Culture Might Be The Key

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3. Be like Raj, and stay up to date on trends.

Sheldon seemed to be struggling with staying up to date, but Raj certainly hasn’t. He’s up on all the latest trends. In the latest Big Bang Theory, episode Raj not only admitted to using a cool new trendy Japanese toilet but also following Jennifer Lopez’s every move. Perhaps the secret to aging is really just watching the E! Network.

What did you learn from the last Big Bang Theory episode?