Will Judith Say Her First Words?

The Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead was certainly the best episode of last season. With that in mind, we predict there will be a pretty exciting Season 8 to follow—possibly the best season yet.

For that to happen, several things should take place when the show returns.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Among the killing, we predict there will be an emotional scene where “Baby Judith” finally says her first words. If they really want to take this prediction a step further, perhaps those words will be calling Michonne “Mommy…”

Eugene Returns To The Light

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to Judith’s first words, it would be amazing to see Eugene return to the good guys. At this point, it’s clear he will go wherever he is most comfortable, and/or respected.

Hopefully, with the death of Sasha and Abraham weighing on him, Eugene will need to rejoin Rick’s group in one way or another. For this to happen, he and Dwight might need to team up within the Sanctuary.

The Walkers Need To Make A Comeback

Zombie | Photo Credit Instagram

Over the past few seasons, it’s clear that the fear is coming from the evil within people rather than the walkers. In Season 8, they need to remind fans (and the cast) that the walkers are still very dangerous.

This season, nearly every death happened by the hand of another person. Spencer was killed by Negan. Benjamin was killed by the Saviors. Richard was killed by Morgan. Sasha killed herself and in the beginning, Negan killed both Glenn and Abraham with his bat, Lucille.

In Season 8, while it’s possible that a person could get in a situation where this occurs, but someone needs to get bitten. Sure, Sasha almost got Negan when she turned, but a lead character needs a zombie bite.

If they follow the comic, this could even happen to Michonne.

Do you think any of these predictions will come true next season?

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