This week’s episode of the Duck Dynasty spin-off, Going Si-ral, featured a tell-all section. Si Robertson answered fan’s questions during a segment of the show known as “Si-las Says.” His biggest regrets, travel aspirations, and gym membership secrets were revealed.

Si Answers The Hard Hitting Questions

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Going Si-ral is a fun loving spin-off of Duck Dynasty. So far in the three episodes that have aired there has been a set program. The show is made up of different segments that all involve Willie Robertson and Si Robertson entertaining audiences with banter and internet shenanigans. This week’s “Si-las Says” segment featured more of the same silliness and dry humor. Si started off the segment by saying, “Let’s keep it PG people, there are some real cooks out there.”

Destination Dreams

Willie read the first question from a fan. “If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?” Willie asked Si. Si replied, “That’s easy, I’d go to Shreveport.” Shreveport is a city in Louisiana very close to Si and Willie’s hometown of West Monroe. Willie seemed flabbergasted by this

Shreveport is a city in Louisiana very close to Si and Willie’s hometown of West Monroe. Willie seemed flabbergasted by this answer and told Si people were probably expecting an answer more like Paris, London, or Prague. Si replied, “Shreveport is the Paris of North West Louisiana…They’ve got a mall and a steakhouse, what else do you need?” Si is certainly a simple man. 

Si’s Workout Regiment

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The past two weeks of Going Si-ral episodes have featured questions about Uncle Si’s weight and gym routine. This week a fan asked how Si stayed so thin, and what he did to stay in shape. Everyone’s favorite Uncle stated, “Hey there’s no big secret, I just eat what I want to.” Willie was quick to point out that this was bad advice, considering Si has suffered a massive heart attack in the past. Si had a good attitude about it, however; “Look the Vietcong couldn’t get me. You think I’m gonna worry about a stupid cheese burger?” You really can’t argue with that statement.

A Fan’s Personal Question

The next fan didn’t quite understand the assignment and asked Si where his car keys were. Si said, “Do I have to do everything?” But then was pretty certain they were under the fan’s sofa…or maybe in their recliner.

Si Robertson’s Biggest Regret

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Si was then asked a most hard-hitting question. “What is your biggest regret in life?” Si said very seriously, “About thirty years ago I went into a thrift shop, okay. Beautiful leather jacket, and decided ‘Nah I ain’t gonna buy it.’ Went back the next day; it’s gone. Look I’ve been chasing that sucker ever since.” There you have it, folks. Si Robertson’s biggest regret was a fashion loss. Only Willie knew how to reply by saying, “I figured it would have been dental hygiene.”


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