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Though he plays the unlucky Raj Koothrapalli from The Big Bang Theory, real life actor Kunal Nayyar couldn’t be more different. Where Raj gets turned down at every turn, Kunal is married to Ms. India. Of course, this stuff doesn’t just happen. If you’ve ever wondered about it, well, here are three crazy facts about Kunal Nayyar’s wedding.

The Wedding Was Six Days Long

India is known for doing things big. Especially when it comes to marriage and unity. But because of the star-power of both Neha Kapur and Kunal, their particular unification was gigantic.

Over 1000 guests attended the celebration with food, family, and a following of India’s oldest traditions. So much so Kunal himself rode in on a white horse!

Neha Kapur was Ms. India

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Every nation has their model of choice. In 2006, young Neha was awarded Ms. India and continues to be a stunning woman. Kunal had barely started his time with The Big Bang Theory when they married, so both were already on the path to success.

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Their Relationship Started in a Bar

What sounds like a setup to a bad movie, Kunal and Neha actually met each other at a local bar. For Neha, her first impression of Kunal was the star himself. According to her Kunal was dressed in classy attire and dripping with the LA stardom he had launched himself into.

As for Kunal, he was immediately infatuated with Neha. But unlike his character counterpart who couldn’t talk to ladies, Kunal got her a drink, and they started talking. The rest is history.

Some didn’t expect such an illustrious couple to meet in a rather typical way, but thanks to friends hooking them both up, Kunal and Neha have shared a successful marriage for several years.

These are fun facts about Kunal’s wedding, but here’s one more for fun, it’s when… 

Awesome Entrance by Kunal!

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He rode in on a white horse! That totally rocks in anyone’s wedding-book! Fabulous! Fantastic! Unforgettable! Exactly how every wedding should begin, in my humble opinion.

Where Will They Go From Here

The couple is currently living happily out in Los Angeles, while Kunal continues his role as Raj for TBBT. However, Neha has expressed her love for New Delhi over LA. It’s entirely possible once TBBT ends, the couple will return to live there, possibly raise a family.

For now, both get to soak in the starlight.

Did you like our facts? Did they surprise you? What about your thoughts? Do you know any crazy things about this duo? Let us know!

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