We “Swear” This Character Is Awful…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Let’s start with the worst episode of Season 7, where Tara ran around Oceanside and made a promise (“Swear”) never to return. Within the worst episode, the worst character had to be the Oceanside leader, Natania.

Her character only serves as a minor obstacle for Rick Grimes, but despite being heavily armed, it didn’t seem like her community had any real plan of attack. Sure, Tara spent one day there but why didn’t they up their operation a little after someone invaded the camp?

Plus, if you don’t fight, you die. Why didn’t Nataia step up?

Nicholas Is Worst Secondary Character

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, there’s Nicholas. This character is a little different because he was written to be hated. His cowardice got Noah killed and it looked like it later got Glenn killed (if you recall the fake dumpster death).

For only existing as a supporting character, Nicholas was perhaps one of the most hated characters ever to be on The Walking Dead (up there with Gareth). He couldn’t decide if he wanted to grow as a character until it was too late.

Obviously it’s not Nicholas’ fault we didn’t see Glenn get away back at the dumpster, but we all hate him anyway.

Dawn Is Worst Character With Worst Storyline

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, there’s Dawn.

If you recall, Dawn was the leader of the hospital back in Atlanta where Beth was captured, manipulated, enslaved, and so on. The worst thing about Dawn’s group was that she didn’t really seem to have any motivation behind her actions.

She was relentlessly cruel to people, but she could have really started a great community within that hospital. One of the worst things about Dawn is that she killed Beth in the hallway, right when Beth was getting really interesting.

As far as characters and their storylines go, Dawn is probably up there as the “Worst Character” with the worst storyline.

Which of these characters did you think is the worst?  (Don’t worry, lots to say about Jadis when the series returns…)

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