The Big Bang Theory actors do a lot of press, and a lot of that happens on late night TV. It seems like every year all six leads hit the late night stages of Conan, Fallon, and Kimmel to talk candidly. Here are 5 weird things they’ve said over the years.

1. They all like to make fun of Kunal Nayyar… and he is always wrong. Johnny Galecki told Conan, “He’s the most consistently incorrect man I’ve ever met.” Apparently Kunal will tell his cast mates call time is 1pm, and they all know that means it’s not. Kunal even added, “The trick is to say anything with conviction.”

2. Simon warms up for taping by yelling primal chants in his underwear. In the same Conan episode Simon admitted to this strange warm-up technique, and his fellow actors admitted they often hear him from his dressing room. He even demonstrated his sensual lunges, which add to the warm-up sequence. Plus, he leaves the dressing room door open.

3. Jim Parsons can’t stay out on a school night. In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert Jim Parsons admitted he is not as young as he once was. After pointing out he can’t drink like he used to, Jim and Stephen both agreed that staying out on a “school night” as an adult is a no-go. “I’m in bed by 8 reading every night. That’s my plan, I stick to it,” said Jim.

4. Kaley Cuoco felt like a Bachelor contestant with her own boyfriend. Kaley described to Jimmy Fallon that she had to go on a “canyon swing” which is basically a bungee jump with her boyfriend Karl Cook. She felt pressure from his family to go with him, and said, “I felt like I was on the Bachelor… like are you ready? Can you jump out with him…”

Puppy Doppelgangers

5. The final weird thing to happen on late night TV- The Big Bang Theory cast met their puppy doppelgangers on Conan’s late night show. Of course Kaley was in heaven, being the proudest dog mommy in the world. 

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