Here Are The NEW Wildest Fan Theories For Season 8B


Fans have lost it over the potential death of The Walking Dead character, Carl Grimes, who was played by Chandler Riggs for the past eight years. Some believe the walker that bit him was wearing dentures, while others believe it could have been a whisperer. Either way, we’re pumped for the February return of The Walking Dead Season 8B.

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

Based on the brief 30-second trailer of Season 8B, there are few things we believe will happen. In the trailer, we get to see Dwight talking to Michonne, Rick fighting walkers, Negan at a potential new location, Morgan going rogue, and it looks like Daryl Dixon has even made a new friend.

There’s a lot that must happen for fans to accept the death of fan-favorite Carl Grimes.

The Walking Dead, Season 8B Predictions

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

In a voiceover from Dwight, it would appear that Episode 9 of Season 8B (trailer here) will start off in the sewer. The first eight episodes happened in order, so we’re likely going to continue this 8-hour action movie. In the new trailer, Dwight tells Rosita and Michonne, “They’re out there looking,” about the other Saviors.

Meanwhile, we see some quick shots of Rick Grimes at a new gravesite. In this short clip, it would appear that this isn’t the gravesite of Glenn or Abraham. Based on the background, this could be someone new. Hopefully, this isn’t the grave of Carl Grimes, but that’s likely the intention the editors want us to believe.

Sadly, we don’t even see Carl Grimes in the new trailer. But more than likely, he’s going to be in Episode 9 and maybe a few others.

Catching Up With Negan and The Saviors

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

Then, we catch up with Negan. The leader of the Saviors appears to be at some sort of new Sanctuary. Either he’s returned to his former digs or has gone out to claim a new outpost. Either way, he’s standing in front of a walker fence. As of now, King Ezekiel is not on that fence, but we know that that is Negan’s plan for the Kingdom leader.

In perhaps the most surprising clip of the trailer, we see Daryl Dixon wading through a river or creek with a crossbow over his shoulder. The surprise comes from who stands next to Daryl. In the background, newcomer Saddiq is walking with Daryl Dixon through the zombie-infested swamplands.

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

Since Daryl isn’t too keen on newcomers (or playing well with others), we would assume Saddiq has something to offer for this to happen. Perhaps we’ll learn a little more about this mysterious character that may have gotten Carl killed. Perhaps he’s leading Daryl to something that will help win the war.

In two other flash-scenes, we see that Carol and Morgan are both out on rogue missions. Carl is getting shot at while Morgan hides in the shadows. Both of these characters are likely creating their own game plan. Since we didn’t see much of Morgan in the finale, we hope he is going to go and save King Ezekiel.

Currently, the King is being held captive by the Saviors, who are being led by Gavin. But, when the others find out that Maggie has 38 people of their own, this could change Negan’s tune. Hopefully, through one of these various routes, the protagonists can get King Ezekiel back and figure out how to win the war.

The Battle For Carl Grimes’ Soul

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, we see Rick Grimes and Negan talking over a walkie-talkie. In the past, we haven’t seen these two directly communicate very often. Jesus stole a Savior walkie in Season 7 to listen to Fat Joey’s death and pinpoint their location while stealing dynamite from a Savior trap.

Rick Grimes later used the walkies to communicate with his snipers around the water tower of the Sanctuary. Clearly, things went wrong the last time they used walkies, so hopefully, both sides are considering better ways to communicate. For now, they’re using the walkies as a threat.

“Who’s next?” said Negan, meaning who has to die next. In this quick conversation from the trailer, we assume that Negan is referring to the death of Carl Grimes. During their brief finale fight, Negan was upset at Rick Grimes for raising a son willing to sacrifice himself. In this future scene, Rick said, “You are…”

Carl In Peril

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

More than likely, we assume this new scene is a continuation of the fight for Carl Grimes. In the past, Negan made it clear that he sees something in the boy. In the comic books, the two even develop a relationship after the war. But for now, Carl Grimes appears to be dying, which is not from the comic book.

Before, when we made our predictions for Season 8A, we could assume some things from Robert Kirkman’s series. But now, with the potential death of Carl Grimes, it would appear that anything can happen. If Carl Grimes actually dies, there’s no reason to assume anything from the comic will then happen on the screen.

In many ways, this has us very worried about the future of The Walking Dead. Since we have this trailer, we know that they’ve filmed all or some of the next eight episodes. Hopefully, they have a killer plan to push the show forward in the right direction. But fans want the head of showrunner Scott Gimple if things don’t improve.

Currently, there’s a 50,000-person signed petition asking for AMC to fire The Walking Dead showrunner, Scott Gimple. He has been running the series since around Season 4 and many believe he’s done a poor job. Other than a handful of episodes, the ratings in terms of viewers and IMDB have dropped over time.

Gimple and others have said that Carl Grimes potential death was the only way for Rick Grimes to change from wanting to kill Negan to a more peaceful person. But that leaves us wondering about Rick Grimes’ hallucinations, visions, and glimpses into the future (see Old Man Rick) that led the beginning of Season 8.

Do you trust Scott Gimple to lead us into this uncertain future? Do you think the series will turn around and validate the death of Carl Grimes?

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