Sadie Robertson has amassed quite the following. Over 2.9 million people track her every move on Instagram, and many more are subscribed to her Youtube channel.

The Duck Dynasty star shared her wealth and exposure with Bella Weems, the creator of Oragami Owl.

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Origami Owl

Oragami Owl is a customizable jewelry company, founded by Bella Weems, who began creating jewelry to sell at the young age of 14. She told her parents she dreamed of having a car at sixteen. However, her parents told her she would need to work for the car.

Bella said, “In my family we believe in working hard for what you have.”

Like-Minded Girls

Sadie Robertson introduced Bella to her Youtube channel. The star called Weems, “my new friend.” Sadie also said, “this girl is living original to the max.”

“Living original” is Sadie Robertson’s goal of living with a purpose to help others. Bella fits that model, growing her small business into a national movement.

Sadie often collaborates with businesses that give to poor charities, and Weems like-minded values, help her make an impact.

Socially Conscious

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Weems grew Origami Owl into a social conscious project. Now customers can go online and buy their own kit to create jewelry. They are able to sell the jewelry they create, and start their own business.

To date, over 60,000 jewelry designers in America have created businesses using the kits. Weems also started a program called “Owlette.” The program mentors girls ages 12-17, teaching them to become designers.

Like Sadie, Weems wants to help other people realize their dreams and supports successful businesswomen.

God’s Plan

In the Youtube video, Sadie and Bella both speak of God’s plan.

“God’s hand was definitely a part of this,” Bella said.

Sadie added, “I feel like God’s really honored that. You’ve been able to take what you’ve been given and give it back to other people.”

Weem’s vision was to use her business skills for good. She says her catchphrase is, “Always be a force for good.”

A Dream Realized

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Bella’s original dream was to get a car with her own money. Bella now owns a white jeep named, Alice.

However, her dream grew and she quickly realized there was more she could achieve. Bella told Youtube viewers, “If you have a dream or goal you should always go after it. Because, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Sadie Robertson continuously groups herself with like-minded people. She uses her platform to spread a wealth of wisdom for the cause of common good. It’s obvious, Sadie is happy to share her insights with jewelry designers and other young business people who also care about helping others like her.

Do you have any Origami jewelry?

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