Grim NEWS For Season 7: Rick May Be Rising Up… But Will The Views?


Everyone reading this article is probably a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead, much like myself. We obviously love the show and will always stick with it, no matter what. However, it seems we are alone in our passion, as the viewership for the show has dropped dramatically this season.

Things started off strong with the season premiere setting a ratings record with over 17 million viewers. Season premieres always bring in strong numbers, though. And let’s not forget that massive cliffhanger with Negan that was looming overhead.

When the Spiral Began

Alanna Masterson as Tara on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

The ratings have steadily gone down each week since, bottoming out with episode 6, “Swear,” with 10 million viewers. It seems not everyone was on board with the idea of spending an entire episode with Tara. There was a slight uptick with the episode, “Sing Me a Song,” but it wasn’t significant. The average ratings this season are the lowest the show has seen since Season 3.

Still, let’s be clear about one thing — The Walking Dead is not going anywhere. Even with a dip in the ratings, it’s still the number one show on TV among the coveted young adult demographic. It’s an impressive feat, especially for a show that’s been on for seven years now.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine AMC isn’t at least a little concerned about losing viewers. Even among us die-hard fans, there’s been plenty of criticism about Season 7. So what changes could the show make to try and win back the viewers they have left?


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