Negan’s Victim(s) on Walking Dead Season 7 Premier Revealed!!!


[[Potential Walking Dead Season 7 Premier Spoilers. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! You’ve been warned]]

The Season 6 Finale of the The Walking Dead was watched with a mixed-review. The climactic cliffhanger ending pissed off a lot of fans. It pissed off fans so badly the creators of the show vowed to never end a season like that again. Even though, it was one of the most widely watched episodes and Fans are now wondering what happens next.

Since the end of Season 6, the entire crew has been more secretive than a bachelorette after a weekend in Cancun. We know for sure, Negan (Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) smashed at least one character to death in the Season 6 finale. Rumors are now saying there may have been a second victim. Up until now, Abraham was one of three suspected victims of Negan’s prized weapon. Negan prefers a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat.

Michael Cudlitz who plays Abraham, may have just given away the truth behind any suspicions. In a recent interview with Popsugar, Cudlitz announced “Abraham will continue for a while now.” He then added, Negan and Abraham have script time together during the same time period. Since he’s still receiving scripts, he assumes Abraham is not the one Negan kills. Could Cudlitz be fooling fans with false reports during the interview? Many fans suspect that’s the case.

The hyper-vigilant team at Spoil the Dead, claims he’s using diversions to throw viewers off track from the real story. They report they have not seen him on set since the premier of Season 7 of the Walking Dead was filmed in May. The second theory that could bring balance between the show and the comic is that Negan Bashes Glenn (Steven Yeun) then shoots Abraham. If this theory is true, it would coincide more closely with the comic book. That would also make since, considering Andrew Lincoln’s request to have the show’s story line follow the comics more closely.

More Predictions of the Walking Dead Season 7 Premier 

Walking Dead Season 7 PremierGlenn is the one killed by Negan in the comic, and Abraham is long dead by now. Killing off Glenn then Abraham would definitely set the stage for an extremely intense Season 7 of the Walking Dead. I personally think this would be one of the best episodes ever as it would create a serious disgust and loathing for Negan. A majority of the Walking Dead fans would absolutely die in their seats from the thrill of it all. Glenn is after all one of the original characters who is easily assumed to have more than 9 lives.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would the creators take out two of the main characters in the season’s premier? Or is Cudlitz playing a game to divert attention from the real story line? The only way you’ll find the truth is by watching the series premier on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres at 9 PM ET. ‘LIKE’ ‘SHARE’ and ‘COMMENT’ below with your thoughts.


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