WATCH: AMC Just Released New “Nightmare” Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 8B


So far, the All Out War on The Walking Dead has taken the lives of Eric, Shiva, the Kingdom fighters, and a ton of Saviors. But based on the latest trailer, there’s a possibility that a few dozen more are about to die.

The main concern for fans of The Walking Dead is Carl Grimes’ bite. Next, fans are worried about the King. Finally, there’s Father Gabriel, Aaron, and Enid. But based on the trailer, the Scavengers may die next.

The trailer called “Nightmare” suggests more casualties from the war.

Will The Walking Dead End The Scavengers?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the trailer, there’s a moment where Rick Grimes and Michonne are climbing up something that appears to be a trash pile. Behind them, a horde of walkers are hot on their trail.

Later, there’s a scene where Jadis is crying alone on top of a pile of trash. Since these walkers appear to be at the junkyard, it’s very possible that the walkers chasing Rick and Michonne are actually the Scavengers.

If that’s true, Jadis may be the lone survivor. That could possibly explain the tears and why she isn’t wearing something unusual.

The Destruction Of The Garbage Pail Kids

Season 8 of The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Up until now, the Scavengers have been basically useless. Like a dog with more bark than bite, they appeared to be tough but then revealed themselves as weak. They flip-flopped on Rick and he literally took them out with his bare hands.

Then, when he took them to the Sanctuary, they ran once again at the first sign of trouble. The next question, of course, is what happened to them? Since Rick Grimes promised to destroy them, maybe he and Michonne somehow infected them.

But that seems a little too cruel, even for Rick. So maybe when they showed up at the Sanctuary, Negan’s Saviors decided to take them out. Then when Rick and Michonne arrived, it was already too late.

Either way, things don’t look too good for Jadis and her followers.

What do you think about this prediction for Season 8B of The Walking Dead?

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