Jim Parsons has gotten many awards and nominations for his representation of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.  It is no secret that his personality off the show is very different compared to his character.  One of the many things that Parsons performs magnificently is Sheldon’s facial expressions.  Nonverbal language conveys more than verbal language.  Therefore it is an essential part of acting.  Here are some of our favorite expressions from the show. 

Sheldon’s Fake Smile

expressionsSheldon puts on a fake smile by storypick.com

We all know that Sheldon sometimes has trouble with empathy.  In this case, he is learning to fake his happiness with what he believes to be a smile.  It certainly would brighten up my day!

Sheldon’s I am Exploding your Brain Expression

espressionsSheldon attempting to explode his roommate’s mind by youtube.com

Why waste your time with someone when you can blow their mind up?  Sheldon thinks so too. 

The Skeptical Face

expressionsSheldon makes his skeptical face by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Is someone making fun of me?  Are they being sarcastic?  Why are they whispering?  These are all perfect moments for the skeptical expression.

The Fantasy Flirty Face

expressionsSheldon displays his irresistible charm to Amy by pinterest.com

Sheldon may have no one else wrapped around his finger, but Amt sure is!  She cannot resist this charmer when he gets his flirt on.  The Batman shirt definitely is a tease.

Ohhhhh No he Didn’t!

expressionsSheldon’s face after the general mixes up Star Wars and Stark Trek by youtube.com

Sheldon feels the need to correct anyone when they are wrong.  All is right in the universe if information is correct.  In this instance he is told not to talk.  But he cannot help but make his incredulous expression after the general says the Death Star is from Stark Trek.  That is a mortal sin!

The Drunk Face

expressionsSheldon gets drunk with Stuart and the two share a heart to heart by cbs.com

We rarely see Sheldon under the influence but when we do it is memorable. We get to see him singing while playing a piano.  He tries to seduce Amy while drinking brandy.  And here we see him hanging out with Stuart, an unlikely activity for him!

What is your favorite Sheldon Cooper expression?

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