Fans Are Digging Into Season 8 Trailer

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Fans are really diving into the new promo for Season 8 of The Walking Dead and this means guessing and researching the comic books. Sure, not everything will be the same, but some of the new clues make many of our predictions feel true.

Two major deaths from the comics include Aaron and Shiva the tiger when the war first gears up. With that in mind, some online chats and websites believe they’ve found proof that both of these characters will eat the dust when the series returns.

Around the 4:22-minute mark, we see some people got shot near the Sanctuary…

Soldiers Killed Outside These Walls

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“A group of soldiers appearing to belong to the Kingdom are done down outside of an industrial park. It’s the kneepads and armor which the characters, mostly appearing to be extras, which mark them as Kingdom soldiers.”

“Each is heavily armed and appears to be standing guard when someone or a group opens fire on them, taking down a large portion of them in an instant. Further, from the camera, the rest of the group is seen running.”

“While there is no way to tell for sure, it appears one of these soldiers is not wearing the combat gear the Kingdom privies. In fact, deep in the background, the character appears to resemble Jordan Woods-Robinson’s Eric.”

Aaron’s Boyfriend’s Final Moments

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Issue 118, Aaron’s boyfriend is shot in the head. Because he’s a minor character related to a major character, somewhat like Benjamin and even Richard last season, he’s likely going to be one of the first to die.

In addition to a temporary sadness on the battlefield, Eric’s death will change Aaron and help him grow as a character. He’s going to have to step up and start making some of his own decisions. It’s also believed he and Jesus will end up together.

Do you think this scene reveals Eric’s death?

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