Jim Parsons Talks Big Bang With Conan

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Conan

When Jim Parsons is not spanking Conan’s co-host Andy, he’s picking on Simon Helberg. In an interview, the actor decided he wanted to take one of the actors over to the set of The Big Bang Theory to take a look.

Jim Parsons said he wanted to take an audience member over to the set to steal an item from the set. Conan was quickly on board with the idea. The two shows film very close to one another on the Los Angeles lot.

Parsons picked a girl from the second row for the trip.

Raiding The Set Of The Big Bang Theory

“We have to go now, it’s TV,” confirmed Jim Parsons. The actor then asked the fan a few questions about her fandom. She said that she had really enjoyed the show and been a fan since the beginning.

Then, the trio takes a ride on a golf cart. Conan drove while Jim Parsons asked the fan a few more questions. Then, they went in to see the set. The goal, again, is for the fan to find a souvenir from the studio.

After pointing out a few props, they find Simon Helberg reading a script.

“Good Luck With That…”

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Conan

Judy, the fan, did not expect to see another cast member. “To be perfectly frank with you, I feel awkward taking something from the set that we might actually use.” Then, he leans over and takes Simon Helberg’s shirt right off his back!

“If you don’t mind, we’ll take this instead,” said Jim Parsons. He then hands over his co-star’s shirt while Helberg stands half-naked on stage. Conan then reaches in the fridge and grabs himself a beer.

“Good luck with that—on eBay,” joked Conan. The trio of stars then promoted the series which comes on CBS with reruns on TBS. The show is back on the air currently, so it’s likely we’ll see the gang on Conan pretty soon.

What do you think of this hilarious prank on Simon Helberg?

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