The Walking Dead: Maggie’s Journey From Glenn’s Death To His Grave


Almost a month after Glenn’s brutal death in the season premiere, we finally caught up with Maggie and Sasha in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

It’s a little crazy to think we were five episodes into the new season of The Walking Dead before we caught up with Maggie. Of all the Alexandrians present during Negan’s brutal introduction, she was arguably affected the most.

Not only was she pregnant and having severe complications, but Negan graphically murdered her husband Glenn, in front of her. At the episode’s end, Maggie took off on foot. She was determined to still see the doctor at the Hilltop. Thankfully, Sasha volunteered to accompany her.

Back to the Beginning

Glenn and Maggie on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

For Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, it was interesting getting herself back into that mindset. “Yeah, it was pretty intense obviously, coming from that episode, and then the change til now knowing that she had been unconscious,” Cohan said. “Maggie’s been out of it for a while, and coming to terms and coming to consciousness with what happened and wondering, “Is the baby okay?”

When Maggie first awakened, the baby was her first thought. It did seem to take a few minutes for her to recall what she’d been through. “Sasha’s been with her, but just waking up not knowing where she is and remembering everything that had happened, she is just trying to preserve some equilibrium for the baby and for her physical health,” said Cohan. “I think that that’s a lot of what happened, and then it’s how much Maggie’s really letting herself feel and remember and relive it. There’s a lot going on there.”

Maggie’s Strength

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for Maggie, there’s no time to grieve. The Saviors soon show up to the Hilltop. Gregory’s inept leadership soon rears its ugly head, just as Maggie asserts her leadership qualities to take out a walker invasion.

It’s the beginning of a change for Maggie and one that comic book fans are more than familiar with. (Spoilers ahead!) In The Walking Dead comic book, Maggie eventually becomes the new leader of the Hilltop. Gregory remains a citizen, but it’s Maggie that leads the community against Negan.

Do you think the show will stay true to the comic book version?

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