Sometimes, due to the long days on set at The Walking Dead, the actors on the show actually leave still in costume.

If this were any other show, that might mean an outfit, but on The Walking Dead, it means being covered in zombie blood.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Jimmy Kimmel asked Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie if she ever has to stop on the way home from work. While she’s never stopped on purpose, she was once pulled over by a police officer.

Cohan told Jimmy Kimmel all the gory details.

Cohan Talks To Jimmy Kimmel

“I had one day where I was elbow deep in walker guts and I was tired and had to go. I never get pulled over, but on this instance, when I had blood up to here (elbow), but we also had a fight scene and I had twigs (hair) and dust in my teeth.”

“I’m driving home and I see the sirens behind me. I’m thinking he’s going to stop me and run away because I look like a psycho, or if he knows the show, I might get away with this,” she said.

“I literally take my script and prop it up so he can see it. Then I say, I’m so sorry, I just left the set, to make sure he understands. Lo and behold, while he’s running the [information], he says, I don’t see a ring on your finger. Does that mean you’re single?”

Lauren Cohan Would Rather Have The Ticket

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Jimmy Kimmel

At that point, Lauren Cohan said that she wished she had just had the ticket, seeing as the cop didn’t care about the blood and guts, based on the fact that she was single. Cohan has spoken in other interviews about her love life, but so far, she is still single in real life and mourning Glenn on the show.

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