Will ‘Neganism’ Prevail In The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale?


“I think he truly does believe that he is saving people,” said Robert Kirkman about Negan. “Negan’s worldview is psychotic, but it is based in a world that he at least understands,” said the creator on an episode of Talking Dead.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book, the creator explored the world behind Negan in a series called Here’s Negan. The story highlighted the villain’s backstory, which included his job before the outbreak, and the death of his wife.

So far, we haven’t heard too much about this backstory on the show.

Creator Of The Walking Dead Talks Neganism

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“[Negan] has lived through some things that hopefully we’ll eventually get to see on the show,” said Robert Kirkman. He then said those thoughts “have given him this mindset of a regimented way to keep people alive…”

“He truly does believe that coming in and killing a few people, he can keep more people alive,” added the creator. It sounds insane, but there is some logic to Negan’s mindset, but it the cost is too high.

In the final moments of Season 8, Episode 10, Negan proved his point to Rick Grimes.

Negan Blames Rick Grimes For Carl’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Over the walkie, Rick Grimes told Negan the sad news about Carl Grimes. Some fans were shocked to know that Negan actually felt terrible to hear the news. In his own twisted way, he had plans for Carl.

Earlier in the episode, Negan said Carl was born for the outbreak. At the time, he was referring to how the boy tricked him so his people in Alexandria could escape. In the end, Negan also saw Carl Grimes like a son.

Both Negan and Carl Grimes saw a peaceful future but their visions were quite different from one another. Negan wanted for everyone to be safe, but he did so by making everyone live in fear.

For Carl Grimes, he wanted people to simply live free, in peace. In order for Rick Grimes to find peace, he’s going to have to win the war, Carl’s way.

What do you think of Robert Kirkman comments about Neganism?

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