THIS Carl Fan Art Is Driving Fans Crazy… Look Closely And You’ll See Why…


Every Walking Dead Character Has Major Arc

With every major character going through serious emotional and character arcs, Carl has definitely changed the most physically. According to one artist, however, there’s a lot left to conquer.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Artist Depicts Future Carl Grimes

Artist M.J. Hiblen developed a few new pieces that depict a grown-up version of Carl Grimes. His hair has continued to grow (reason behind that here) as well as his beard and skillset.

Future Carl Grimes | Photo Credit M.J. Hiblen

Future Carl Carries Weapons From Past

The elder Carl Grimes is possibly the last survivor. It looks like he has Rick’s gun, Negan’s Lucille, and Michonne’s katana.

Future Carl Grimes | Photo Credit M.J. Hiblen

Looks Like Carl Took Negan’s Advice

Beyond the gear, and under the Sheriff hat, Carl took Negan’s advice to let his deadly missing eye show to the world.

Future Carl Grimes | Photo Credit M.J. Hiblen

Carl Grimes, Last Man Standing

Perhaps this artist agrees with former Walking Dead star Michael Rooker who believes Carl Grimes will be the final survivor (more on that here).

Do you think Carl Grimes will outlive everyone else on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

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  • momz54

    I’m not sure what they want us to look closer at, I mean it’s obvious it’s Carl (eye out duh) but it looks like his right eye is one of a zombie. Cld be totally wrong but it sure looks like those contact eyes in the show. I don’t know what else they’d be referring to outside of that. I don’t think a zombie Carl would still be sporting the hat though (not the way they bump around lol).
    Love the artwork. I think the show will end with Carl still alive as and old man, narrating the last episode. Just a guess.