Fans Joke With Kaley Cuoco And Boyfriend

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Fans are thrilled to see that actress Kaley Cuoco is so happy with her new boyfriend. For the past year, Cuoco and professional equestrian Karl Cook have been dating and sharing some endearing photos on social media.

Cuoco writes, “Thanks for being you, Mr. Tank Cook… Cheers to another amazing weekend.” Some fans took to Instagram to compliment the couple while others joked how her television husband Leonard is going to be upset.

“How could you do this to Leonard?” joked one fan.

“Leonard Is Going To Be Pissed…”

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook | Photo Credit People

IBTimes writes:

“Since being shared on social media, the cute black and white click has received several approving comments. And along with that, some cheeky messages as well from the die-hard fans of the sitcom, who hilariously chose to side with Cuoco’s on-screen boyfriend, Leonard.”

“Leonard is going to be pissed,” referring to the character played by actor Johnny Galecki. “Watch out Leonard might get mad,” shared a second fan. While a third jokingly commented, “Well, well, well… I see you’re cheating on Leonard. What a shame! I’m gonna say that to Sheldon! Ms Penny, you are a bad girl!”

Leonard And Penny Make A Baby?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When the show returns in a few weeks, most of the plots have been centered around Sheldon and Amy’s proposal, which will likely move into engagement episodes and then wedding talk.

In addition to these love birds, it’s possible that Howard and Bernadette will also start to plan on having a second baby. Once that news hits the air, it’s likely going to create some pressure for Penny and Leonard to have a child of their own.

While there hasn’t been any specific baby rumors on the show so far, it’s likely the main duo will start working on expanding their family either in Season 11 or perhaps in Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory.

With all of this love in the air, will Raj ever find someone for himself?

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