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JUST IN: Nicotero Releases Major Joint Announcement With AMC

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-12

Greg Nicotero’s New Monster Series On AMC

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Greg Nicotero is essentially one of the Founding Fathers of the horror genre. He’s been around forever and his work on The Walking Dead is proven. He’s an executive producer, director, and make-up artist for the zombie series.

Thanks to his work on TWD, he’s also signed on to produce a new shot within the horror-sci-fi realm for AMC, which will be called Shock Theater. The show will involve Matt Lambert, Gail Berman, and Joe Earley.

The show will be much different than The Walking Dead.

An Anthology Of Monsters And More

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We’re writing now, and it’s an anthology so every episode will have a different story and a different cast and a different vibe and a different feel,” Nicotero confirmed. “So I think that that allows us a tremendous amount of freedom and a tremendous opportunity to do a lot of different things.”

“Shock Theatre is my homage to ‘50s horror movies,” Nicotero said. “I’ve always loved that genre, the idea that people would take things that they were terrified of in society at that time and turn them into some sort of fantastic outrageous sci-fi monster movie.”

This will specifically refer to films within outer space and radiation as the Cold War was a major subject for 50s horror films.

Comedy, Horror, Thrills, And Chills

Simon Pegg | Photo Credit Shaun of the Dead

The show will likely be similar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone. More recently, Black Mirror also takes a different story and presents it each episode to shock and awe viewers.

Knowing that Greg Nicotero is behind this show will mean some great cameos and homages within the show. He’s already playing homage with his various zombies so it’ll be interesting how he brings new monsters to life.

“I think Shaun of the Dead is probably the closest in tone that I can ever think about for Shock Theater because it was funny and thrilling, and you love the characters, and it was scary, and had great moments in it, and was all-around completely entertaining. That’s the goal,” concluded Nicotero.

Will you watch Nicotero’s newest monster series?

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