The Sad Truth? No Character On TWD Can Replace Rick Grimes…

Daryl Dixon is no Rick Grimes...


We know what you’re thinking: What about Daryl Dixon? Well, the sad truth is that no individual character on The Walking Dead can truly replace Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln has done wonders with the character and when he exits the series in Season 9, the show is going to drastically change.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When you consider the strength of the remaining characters—Daryl, Carol, King Ezekiel, and Negan—there just isn’t any individual who can carry the show. At least, not right now… Now, the reports indicate that AMC is throwing a pile of money at Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus to stay on, but this is likely more for consistency than true series leadership.

Daryl can likely carry a season or maybe 8-24 episodes as the “leader,” but even this will take a lot of work from the writers. So what does this mean for The Walking Dead?

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