The Must Watch Walking Dead Spin-Off You Didn’t Know Existed

From Fear to Flight 462 to Red Machete...


With Rick Grimes leaving The Walking Dead after Season 9, fans are wondering what’s next for the zombie universe. However, a version of “what’s next” may already be here. In addition to the main series, Fear the Walking Dead and even Red Machete, there’s also a web series called Flight 462 on AMC UK.

Flight 462 | Photo Credit AMC UK

According to the official description, “A group of passengers experience the outbreak onboard a commercial plane, thousands of feet above the ground.” The UK series started with a young man on a plane looking through the window. Various passengers are complaining about other grounded flights.

The 16-part web series originally came out in 2015, but didn’t get much press in the United States. The main function of this spinoff was to introduce Alex (Michelle Ang), a survivor who later ended up on Fear. Alex was likely meant to have a bigger impact on Fear, but she didn’t last very long on the sister series.

However, this mini-series does tell us a little more about the future of The Walking Dead universe.

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