1Mayim Bialik’s Insecurity

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Mayim Bialik has her website, Groknation.com, where she and others write about politics, family, and everything in between. In an interesting video segment entitled “5 Things You’d Be Surprised To Know About Me,” Mayim admitted to extreme insecurity in all aspects of life.

Insecure About Many Things

Mayim admitted immediately by saying, “I am very insecure…and I don’t just say that so that people will say, ‘Oh you shouldn’t be insecure, you’re awesome!’ I say it because I’m really insecure.” She then went on to admit that she worries about her physical appearance, her accent, her posture, and many other things.

Comparison is the thief of joy, but it makes sense that Mayim would experience insecurity. She was pushed into Hollywood at a young age, on the hit show Blossom, and grew up in the spotlight.

Personal Growth

Mayim says that she has gotten used to her insecurity, and has learned to deal with it. Accepting that there is not much you can do is half the battle.

More Shocking Facts

Although Mayim found fame early, her childhood was not glamorous. She lived in a family with only one bathroom and had to share with an older brother and two elderly parents.

As a result, the star admits she is quick in the bathroom. “I’m very efficient in the bathroom, I don’t spend a lot of time in there. And, I often do a lot of my grooming and “getting pretty” outside of the bathroom.” We think Sheldon would definitely love that.

She Drives Stick

Mayim loves cars and drives a stick shift. She explains that “[that] is something that people who love cars tend to do.” She said when she was a teenager she wanted a Ford Falcon. 

She also loves factories. She seeks out factory tours whenever traveling. It’s an odd hobby but matches Mayim’s quirky self. Her favorite factory tour is at the Louisville Museum of Baseballs. There you can see how bats are made.

There’s one more crazy thing Mayim admitted about herself…


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