There’s an online theory that Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory somehow started the outbreak that led to The Walking Dead.

Based on this one piece of evidence, it seems like it’s certainly a possibility.

If you remember, back in Season 3, while Leonard was thinking back on the first time he met Sheldon. He ran into Sheldon’s previous roommate, which was Steven Yeun. That’s right, Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead.

Maybe Glenn left to get a pizza delivery job before the outbreak began.

If You Can Survive Sheldon Cooper…

Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Comic Book writes:

“Featured briefly in a flashback sequence on the CBS series, the man who brought Glenn Rhee to life on The Walking Dead for just over six seasons turned out to be Sheldon Cooper’s former roommate!”

“As the story goes, Leonard sits down to talk with Penny about problems he is having with Sheldon, as is common for him, and tells her he should have expected this. Seven years ago he was searching for Sheldon’s apartment when Yeun’s character popped out of the elevator with his bags packed for the apocalypse. ‘Oh, I bet you’re here to check out the room for rent!’ Yeun’s character, dubbed as Sebastian, told Leonard. “Run away, dude. Run fast, fun far!”

The Big Bang Theory And The Walking Dead At SDCC

Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Not long after his short role on The Big Bang Theory, Yeun landed the role on The Walking Dead. For Sheldon Cooper, this meant that Leonard was about to be his new roommate for many years to come.

It’s possible that Sheldon will one day cook up something he can’t control that eventually causes the zombie outbreak on The Walking Dead. If not, it’s certainly something unique for fans to sink their teeth in to dissecting the two shows.

While there aren’t too many connections between the two very different series, both casts will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks as both shows enter into new seasons.

Did you know Glenn Rhee was once on The Big Bang Theory?

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