Music is a powerful thing — it even makes babies get emotional! Need proof?

Watch the video below…

This little cry baby feels the emotion of music as her mother sings a Rod Stewart song to her (photo via YouTube) Mothers and their children have such a strong bond of love that sometimes they don’t even need to talk to show it. Sometimes, all they need is to sing to each other.

This is what a mother did — she sang Sara Evans’ version of “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” (first recorded by Rod Stewart in 1988) and her baby girl lost it.

She burst into tears.

“Mommy’s going to sing you a song,” the mom said to her little baby. “Want mommy to sing you a song? Let me know how you feel about this song, okay?”

The baby, who had been smiling a huge grin, is at first stunned when her mom begins to sing. After the first line — “I don’t want you to come ’round here no more, I beg you for mercy” — she smiles, happy tears welling in her eyes.

But then when the momma sings the second line — “You don’t know how strong my weakness is or how much it hurts me” — the 10-month-old baby’s face begins to shrivel up in sadness.

Soon, the little munchkin has rivers flowing out of her eyes.

After she finishes singing, the baby tries to wipe away the tears.

“Awe you feel the pain of the song, ya honey?” says the mom.

Even though she is seen noticeably crying throughout the song, you never hear her cry, the baby attentively listening to the powerful lyrics throughout her mother’s performance. 


Check out the full video below.

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