Norman Reedus Teases How He Would Like To Exit The Show…

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Andrew Lincoln First Tells Rick’s Departure

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Not long ago, Andrew Lincoln described how the show might end and how Rick Grimes might die. Basically, he said that it would end in a dessert with Rick surrounded by walkers, trying to save his son Carl.

As the walkers surrounded him, he did everything in his power to fight them off. Eventually, he was bitten. However, he didn’t die, which means Rick would become the antidote to the entire outbreak.

Daryl Dixon’s story is a little less harsh.

Daryl Dixon’s Modest Exit

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“I think you’d see a sunset,” said Norman Reedus. “I would walk up over a hill and then a little wolf puppy would come out of the woods and follow me up. And people would just go, “Whatever happened to that guy?'”

This isn’t a major triumph or tragedy, but it is an interesting way to go. Many people feel like the show is a modern western and Daryl riding or walking off into the sunset would be fitting, given his character.

It’s a little like the character from Shane, among others.

The Walking Dead, A Western…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Vox writes:

“I had this realization a few days before the show’s sixth season premiered, before I had watched “First Time Again,” the first episode of said season. If I had watched it, I perhaps wouldn’t have been so pleased with myself for coming up with it, because “First Time Again’s” centerpiece is basically a giant cattle drive, only with zombies as cows.”

The argument here is about making rules in a new frontier; becoming the hero; the zombies being more wild than scary; hoping that Calvary will arrive, but they never do; and cinematically, the show is full of landscapes and wide shots.

What do you think of this Western metaphor and Daryl Dixon’s possible exit?

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