This week’s Big Bang Theory episode featured some great moments. The Cognition Regeneration followed Sheldon’s quest to challenge his brain, and Penny and Leonard’s disagreement about Penny’s ex-boyfriend. Here were our favorite parts of Episode 22 of Season 10.

The Cognition Regeneration

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Our first favorite moment occurred when Sheldon realized he’s naturally a great baker. In a quest to challenge himself to exhaustion, Sheldon asked Raj to teach him to make croissants. Turns out, Sheldon is totally already great at this. Raj even told Amy, “You don’t need to have sex with him, just each one of these!”

The second moment occurred when Zack explained what he’d been up to since we last saw him. Penny hadn’t seen Zack since the wine tasting incident, and when she asked what was new he replied, “Put artificial grass in my yard, got engaged, had a scary mole that turned out to be sharpie…” You have to love the brain of Zack Johnson.

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The third best moment started out the episode.

The men got beat in a live video game challenge by a bunch of teenagers. Leonard explained they couldn’t play a rematch. All because there is a “very important little league game tomorrow.” To which Howard replied, “No wonder they beat us they’re jocks!” We love a classic Big Bang Theory joke about the men’s inferiority.

Bernadette’s Hidden Talent

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Our all time is clearly when  Bernadette revealed that she is a talented ventriloquist. Apparently, Bernie studied the art as a kid to use as a talent for her beauty pageants. She said, “It’s not like I wanted to be a ventriloquist. I was in pageants and I needed a talent other than spreading rumors that the other contestants were pregnant.” You have to appreciate her honesty.

Overall, The Cognition Regeneration was a pretty solid Big Bang Theory episode. What were your favorite moments?

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