How The Walking Dead Season 8B Will Revolve Around Rick Grimes And Maggie


Ever since the true Negan arrived, it’s been rough on Alexandria and the neighboring communities. But Rick Grimes is ready to destroy Negan, even if that means the death of his son, Carl. According to Norman Reedus, we’re going to see a lot more growth from both Rick and Maggie in the second half of the season.

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“It’s all resolution,” said Norman Reedus about the war season. “It’s tying up loose ends of what’s laid out in front of us in all these different directions. There’s a lot of closure coming in the back eight, which is great.” So far, audiences have mainly just seen a ton of action, but that’s all leading to one place.

Ironically, the war could be leading to peace but not in the same way we thought when the war began. Instead of peace because Negan is dead, the peace may come from the martyr-like death of Rick’s son, Carl.

Norman Reedus Is Ready For Resolution

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“There’s been all this action and all the fighting and all these different factions that have been splitting off in these different directions… It all kind of comes together in the end with closure in several different avenues,” said Norman Reedus. A few of the loose ends will include Aaron and Enid, Carl Grimes’ bite, what’s left of Alexandria, and even the small feud between Rick and Daryl.

“Some wrap up the way you think. Some wrap up not the way you think. It’s all kind of a surprise where it all comes from,” concluded the actor. Misdirection has always been a major part of the series. But Reedus’ comments mainly match Scott Gimple’s quotes from last summer.

Even so, neither have confirmed whether or not the show will continue to make major shifts away from the comic book. With the pending death of Carl Grimes, anything could happen on The Walking Dead. Personally, we think it’s possible that the show could skip over the Whisperers and move straight to Commonwealth, mainly based on the helicopter Rick saw. 

More Rick And Daryl Than Ever Before

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Fans of the series complained about the non-Rick and non-Daryl episodes, so we’re going to see more of our heroes, even if it’s only for a moment. Reedus said Daryl should be in about every episode, even if it’s only for a few seconds. But the real story will revolve around Rick Grimes and Maggie.

“Andy’s all over it,” he said about Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. “It’s a lot of Andy’s story this year — it’s probably 80 percent Rick Grimes’ story, to be honest. There’s still a lot more with that to come. A lot of things he’s dealing with certain characters and stuff. It’s a lot of Rick Grimes and Maggie.”

Obviously, the biggest concern for Rick will move from Rick to the death of Carl. It’s unclear how he might handle the situation but Gimple has always implied Carl’s death was meant to help Rick be peaceful. This still feels out of place for AMC fans but it did make sense in the comic if they push the story in that direction.

As for Daryl Dixon, we should see more of his character in the Dwight dilemma. Both of these characters are similar, but Daryl’s mindset is better than Dwight’s because he doesn’t act out of individual fear but out of loyalty to the greater good. 

Daryl Dixon Versus Dwight In Season 8B

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“There’s some really good Daryl stuff coming up with some of the characters,” added the actor. Again, this is one of the more interesting dynamics on the show. On one hand, both of these men are quite similar (motorcycles, loyalty, crossbow), but Dwight acts out of fear.

“I love the way some of those stories get wrapped in the end,” added Norman Reedus, who said it was “poetic.” Perhaps Reedus refers to poetic justice, based on the hell that Dwight put him through over the years. But he did also say that no one’s story ends the same way.

Since every character basically has their own nemesis, it’s refreshing to hear that the storylines will all be unique to one another. This way, at least, we know the deaths or resolutions will all be handled differently than one another. 

Going Rogue Versus Fighting As One Army

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In the first eight episodes, Rick’s army had their problems. The various communities were supposed to be fighting as one. But everyone kept going on rogue missions that screwed up Rick’s big-picture-plan. One of the main problems here actually existed within Daryl Dixon.

Reedus made not that his character has gone from a complete hothead (like his brother) to a wise character. When he got trapped in Negan’s jail, Dwight’s prison-guard actions made him step back a little on the evolutionary timeline. This was mainly expressed when he murdered fat Joey upon his escape. 

But Reedus made sure to say he’s “wiser” but not “gentler.” As his own man, he will likely continue to make his own decisions. No one would be surprised if Daryl simply turned around and shot Dwight at any given point. This is also true for Tara who despises the traitor.

The actor concluded, “What you end up with is a very wise leader instead of just a soldier that’s willing to do anything. He’s learning from his mistakes. He’s learning from other people’s mistakes, and the common goal is, how do we go forward? How do we live together and how do we go forward?”

It’s possible that Daryl’s outsider, lone wolf actions will help the entire group win the war. Some of his actions appeared foolish but now that he’s organizing the group to fight as one at Hilltop, he should be able to help them win the war.

What do you think Daryl Dixon will do in the second half of Season 8? Do you think he might be the last man standing in the series (read here)?

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