How The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Foreshadows Rick Grimes’ Death


As if it wasn’t bad enough for the mid-season premiere to take the life of Carl Grimes, the episode ended with Rick Grimes leaning next to a tree. He was left bleeding out from some sort of gunshot, bite, or stab-wound on his side.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This looks like another new scene, meaning it’s not based on anything from the past two seasons. Since we concluded that Old Man Rick was just in the mind of Carl Grimes, this image makes us think Rick Grimes won’t live too much longer.

Since they keep cutting to Rick’s blood-shot eyes from this final scene throughout the episode, Rick’s fate may be much worse than we ever dreamed.

Rick Grimes Leans Against A Tree, Spilling Blood

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At first, this scene looked like it could have possibly happened after Rick Grimes was shot in the gun by Jadis. Based on the location of the bullet, he’s bleeding out from a similar spot. Plus, the timeline of the show keeps jumping around.

But upon closer inspection, this new wound is on his right. She shot him on the left, closer to his hip. Therefore, this injury is in the future, perhaps towards the end of the war.

Then, there are the hanging windows in the tree.

All Alone, In A World Of The Undead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The windows in the tree do not look familiar. More than likely, they’re a clue that we will see again in the future. At some point, an episode will likely show this church-like windows and then we’ll know Rick could be shot soon.

What’s perhaps worse about this news is that Rick doesn’t follow his son’s advice. The whole point of Carl Grimes’ death was to teach his father to end the war and think of a more peaceful future.

Since Rick appears to have a bullet wound in his side, it looks like he keeps going down the same path. While trying to kill Negan, Rick Grimes somehow gets shot in the side and is left to die.

Worse still, Rick is alone. At this point, he’s either gone rogue or everyone around him has already been killed. At least, that’s what they want us to think.

Do you think Rick will listen to his son’s dying message of hope?

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