Fear Gears Up For Third Season On AMC

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Lots of Walking Dead fans have yet to watch a single episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and the main reason could have to do with the fact there’s no real leader on the show. As the series begins its third season, a leader may arise.

On Fear, there’s the recovering addict Nick Clark, the capitalist Victor Strand, the trying good guy Travis Manawa, but there’s no one quite like Rick Grimes, who holds the centerpiece of The Walking Dead in place.

No matter how big the world gets, it’s still going to be Rick’s world.

Fear Remains Leaderless During Outbreak

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes leads the various families and communities as they run into new groups, more evil enemies, and problems they haven’t had to face before. We get to see his reaction and base it off of his previous storylines.

Whatever happens to Rick and the gang, however, they will always be the ‘walking dead.’ They’re always going to keep going and they’re always going to be at the top of the food chain, despite what that means for those who cross them.

Fear the Walking Dead currently remains leaderless.

Will A Rick Grimes-like Character Arise On Fear?

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On Fear the Walking Dead, without a leader, the rest of the ensemble is essentially less important. Since we know Rick Grimes is the leader, we care more about Carl Grimes and we now care more about Michonne because of Rick’s love for her.

As Fear continues to grow, someone will need to step up and help the family grow. While there’s no definite here, one likely leader may actually be Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens. She’s ruthless, but not overly cruel, similar to Rick.

Then again, Colman Domingo told TV Guide that to keep the shows apart, there may never be a Rick character on Fear. “I really hope that people continue to realize that you will probably not ever have a Rick Grimes,” said the actor.

Will you give Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead a chance this year?

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