With ten years on the air, The Big Bang Theory has acquired quite a library of press and promotional shots. The stars of the show have had quite a bit of fun posing for pictures together. We rounded up some of the wittiest, hottest, and funniest TBBT pictures to date.

Big Bang Theory Pictures

Image result for sheldon cooper leonardphoto by walldevil.com At first, this picture looks like your typical television drama promo. A beautiful girl surrounded by well-dressed men makes money look sexy. However, a closer look shows that this photo team really had a sense of humor.

Kaley Cuoco, dressed as Penny in the photo, is blowing a stack of “Mystic Wizards of Ka’a” cards. This hilarious detail takes this photo from basic to hysterical.

Image result for big bang theoryphoto by theredlist.com

We love this photo because it shows all of the characters’ unique personalities. Penny is center stage leading the show without even realizing it. Raj is rocking out with a silly face. Howard is taking himself a little too seriously. Leonard is having the time of his life (probably because he’s next to Penny).

And finally, Sheldon just can’t handle the noise.

Image result for big bang theory promoPhoto by youtube.com

We’re just not really sure what’s going on here. We’re glad Amy and Bernadette were added to the mix, but why does everyone look like they’re about to bust into a Power Rangers style battle?

Also…What is Howard doing?

Sexy Big Bang Theory

Image result for big bang theory promophoto by wallpapersdc.com

This photo shows the sexier side of TBBT. While the actors aren’t necessarily in character, they all look amazing…and a little disheveled. Penny is definitely in character, as we would totally believe she would lose a shoe and wake up looking fabulous. However, Sheldon would never wear his clothes so haphazardly. We can’t lie though- Jim Parsons looks like a dream.


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