Lauren Cohan Talks About Maggie’s Haircut, Baby Rhee, and More

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Lauren Cohan Talks About Season 6 Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book, Maggie’s character cut her hair short after Negan killed her husband, Glenn Rhee. In the AMC version of the show, Maggie actually got a haircut before this happened.

Back when they filmed the cliffhanger, Lauren Cohan spoke about getting her hair cut for the first time in the role. She even joked during in an interview and said, “If I go back,” as if she might be the one to die.

At that time, of course, no one had any idea who might die from Lucille.

The Fan Reaction To Negan’s Arrival

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In terms of the finale, Cohan said, “I don’t think there would be such a deep reaction if people didn’t care so much and our creators hadn’t built this relationship between the fans and the show. I feel bad that it’s so tentative, but I’m also glad that you’re going to be on this journey with us.”

“And if it’s any consolation, we’re all in the same boat. But I think that’s exciting. It’s incredibly infuriating. It’s like anything else. It’s like, I can’t make Santa come two days before Christmas. He comes on Christmas Day! Negan is not Santa by the way!”

PG And R-Versions Of Negan’s Kills

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Cohan also said that they shot two different versions of the scenes. One was PG and the other was R-rated, in true Negan fashion. “I feel like such a dork saying PG and R-rated. But yeah, definitely. It’s on the DVD and it’s on the Blu-ray.”

In terms of the actual haircut, “I want people to kind of take their own thing. I think with women, maybe more than men, I think haircutting is a symbolic evolution. Whether it’s cutting it all off or shaving it. I wanted to shave it by the way, but this is not really the right intention or tone, I should say. It’s a preparation. It’s a suiting up.”

What do you think of Maggie’s many symbolic moments on the show?

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