King Ezekiel Actor Khary Payton Wants 1 Thing For His Character


Khary Payton Wants King To Meet Queen

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, King Ezekiel’s world was uprooted once more. After surviving the outbreak, he then had to survive Negan. Now, Rick wants him to take down this evil dictator. Despite the chaos, actor Khary Payton wants love for his character.

“I’d like for Ezekiel to find himself a queen. How about that?” said the actor. “Not anyone in particular. They’re all gorgeous to me,” he joked. Perhaps he’s just unable to reveal that his character is crushing on Carol.

That’s really the reason why he kept showing up at her doorstep.

A Way To Stay, But Not Stay…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

King Ezekiel and Carol had a unique relationship from the very beginning. Carol wanted to leave, but the King wouldn’t let her. Khary Payton character kept thinking of new ways for her to stick around. This even meant letting her stay, but not stay.

It was surprising when the King gave away his backstory in the very beginning. It was clear that the character trusted Carol right away. Without a second thought, he told her the truth about the tiger and his former stage presence.

This honesty seemed refreshing to Carol who also needed time to heal.

Finding Love In A Hopeless Place

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s an old metaphor about allowing a wild horse to come in and drink, but if you close the gate, it will leave for good. The King seemed to see this in Carol and he knew he couldn’t put too many restraints on her.

By showing Carol trust, it’s likely he also began to fall for Carol. When Khary Payton refers to a Queen for the King, it’s certainly a possibility that it will become her. If not, it’s anyone’s guess who the King might go for.

Since Michonne is taken and Maggie will likely stay in mourning, perhaps Rosita is another option if Carol continues her lonesome path. Regardless of what happens, it would be nice for the King to come home to someone other than Shiva the tiger.

Do you think Khary Payton is right and that the King will find love this season?