Kary Payton Posts Killer Walker Stalker Concept Art

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Twitter With a Rise Up background on his Twitter page, it’s obvious actor Khary Payton loves his job as the man behind King Ezekiel. “Welcome to the Kingdom,” writes Payton, about his page.

With over 66,000 followers, the young actor has only been on Twitter since 2009 but his real online presence came when he landed a job on The Walking Dead. We first saw the King back in Season 7, Episode 2,’ The Well.’

His repost from @BatmanKM is something epic as the designer mixes Nashville traditions with The Walking Dead, for this year’s Walker Stalker Con.

Daryl Dixon Squares Off In Nashville, TN

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Twitter

In this new image, we see a little bit of everything from the show and many new things from the mind of the creator. Daryl Dixon is holding a guitar rather than a crossbow, but it’s just as bloody.

Then there’s Negan, below Daryl, who holds a fiddle wrapped in barbed wire, which looks a little bit like Lucille. The scene somewhat replicates the moment in Zombieland when Woody Harrelson killed a zombie with a banjo.

Some old favorites like walker Shane Walsh is also at the “Grand Ole Zompry.”

Carol Takes Aim, Shane Walsh Takes A Bite…

Walker Stalker Con | Photo Credit Twitter

King Ezekiel seems to be the most normal in the image, but he does have a cowboy hat and boots on as he flies through the air with two machine guns. Some of the more comical clips are the small features in the image.

It looks like Lori has a harmonica and walker Shane has a tambourine. Jadis is wearing a hat and some bullets like an old gunslinger and Abraham is in the upper left corner as he jabs a guitar through a walker’s chest.

The only oddity seems to be that Rick Grimes and Maggie Greene don’t appear to be in the image. Perhaps that’s Maggie in the front rather than Lori, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone that’s meant to be Rick in the image.

Can you find Rick Grimes in this Nashville walker fest?

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