Carl Grimes Age Still Questionable

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Over the past few years, we’ve watched Baby Judith grow up on The Walking Dead. Before Judith, however, fans got to see Carl Grimes literally grow up in front of their eyes since the very beginning.

In Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Carl Grimes is much younger. When he tries to assassinate Negan from the work truck, he’s only around 12-years-old. In real life, Chandler Riggs has already graduated high school, so there’s a 6-year-gap.

Generally speaking, the age doesn’t matter, but it makes fans wonder exactly how long we’ve living with the undead.

Time Passes Slowly On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“Looking back at the events of the series, though, conclusions can be drawn about how long these characters have been surviving in the apocalypse. Lori Grimes became pregnant in the show’s first season and delivered her baby in Season 3.”

“Some time followed her death before Season 3’s midseason break. This allows for about a year’s worth of time to have passed between the first episode of The Walking Dead and the Season 3 midseason finale. Between Season 3 and Season 4, several months had passed.”

“The prison had been rebuilt in the wake of the Governor’s attack and the weeks which followed saw infections and diseases plaguing the group. For this, the estimated total comes up to about 18 months from the show’s start.”

So How Old Is Carl Grimes?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 4 showed the scattered journey to Terminus. After Rick’s group killed Gareth and his fellow cannibals, they headed to Alexandria. At one point, Rick reveals, “It’s been three weeks since Atlanta.”

Apparently, seasons one through five took around two years in television time. Season 6 featured somewhat of a time jump to show Baby Judith much older than she was as an actual baby.

This means three years passed before Season 7 began. Overall, it’s likely that Carl Grimes should only be around 13 even though he’s actually 17 or 18 in real life.

Do you think we’ll see another major time jump after Negan’s War?

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