3Will Carol Regret Ignoring Benjamin So Often?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It started in the woods. Benjamin was out training on his own, and he came across Carol with a loaded gun. She told him to be careful and that he was too loud, but she just ignored the boy like she does with everyone else.

In “Bury Me Here,” while she’s looking for Morgan, Carol ignored Benjamin again. She killed five walkers outside the Kingdom gate by herself, and then Benjamin and a few other Kingdom fighters came to her “rescue.”

Benjamin asked for her help once again.

“Let Me See How You Do What You Do”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Hey, we were just about to come out and clear…” began Benjamin, before Carol cut him off to ask about Morgan. Benjamin asked about her well-being, realizing that she’s covered in blood and somewhat different than he’s seen her before.

Carol repeats her question about Morgan. After she speaks to Morgan, Benjamin follows her back to the gate entrance. He asks if he can walk her back to the cottage with her and finally reveals, he’s “trying to learn,” so he asks for her help.

“There were five of them,” he began, almost puzzled. “I would just really appreciate if you just let me see how you do what you do.” Carol flatly tells him “No” and then tells him to go on with his normal day.

Not only does she ignore her, but if she said “Yes,” he would be alive today.


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