Here’s What We Know Might Happen ToAbout Rick Grimes’ Future


We saw “Old Man Rick,” in the premiere, which may have been a look into Rick Grimes’ future. Then again, it could just be another hallucination.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With the “Old Man Rick” prediction, some fans thought that Rick Grimes was going to be waking up from a coma. This prediction meant that the entire series could be a dream, made up from Season 1, when Rick was in a coma.

The cane, however, makes some fans think otherwise.

Rick Grimes Future After The War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book, there is a major time jump after “All Out War.” Once Rick Grimes defeats Negan, we know that some time will pass. The writers of the AMC version have a few ways they can go about this jump.

Based on the Season 8 premiere, they could simply start using a non-linear storytelling approach. In fact, in the very beginning, we see some jumps that are either any hallucination (like the Glenn family dinner) or the future itself.

If this is, in fact, the future, then there are a few things we know about this new and improved version of “Old Man Rick.”

Rick Grimes Future Looks Lush And Green

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Rick Grimes’ future, the flowers are alive. In this Season 8 premiere, we saw an homage to the pilot where Rick turns to see flowers. In the pilot, the flowers (from Shane Walsh) had died. In this new episode, the flowers are alive and well.

Rick Grimes, himself, however, has aged a bit and now has a cane. For comic book fans, they know this comes after the war. In addition to his physical appearance, he’s also still with Michonne.

Carl Grimes is also there, plus Baby Judith is no longer a baby. In the new clip, she appears to be around four or five and doing well. Outside, there also appears to be an event going on that includes a “Big Owl.”

Whatever is going on, Rick Grimes future seems to be safe. As his daughter holds his hand, the walk outside to see lush gardens and lots of greenery.

The only real question then is, why do these images look blurry?

Do you think this is a true glimpse into the future or a hallucination?


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