You know the cup song from the movie Pitch Perfect? Yeah, someone just did a rendition with guns.

Jim Huish, a Tennessee musician and band member of Amber Drive, performs the “cups” routine from the movie “Pitch Perfect,” but his rendition is a bit more dangerous — he uses an assortment of guns (photo via YouTube) Jim Huish, a Tennessee musician and member of the band Amber Drive, put out a video doing the popular “Cups” song from the movie. The only thing is that he used some props more dangerous than solo cups — he used handguns. 

Instead of lightly tapping tables and cups and clapping and singing eloquently, Huish puts bullets through the cups with an assortment of guns as he sings loudly over the gunfire.

The original cups routine started in the 2012 movie, leading to so many covers of the tune. But Huish’s rendition is definitely fresh. Throughout the video, he loads and unloads his handgun magazines, which act as part of the percussion. 

Watch the original “Cups” routine (aka “When I’m Gone”) from the movie “Pitch Perfect”:



He then moves on to a fire squad including him and his friend. They destroy a bunch of cups with their guns on rhythm all while continuing through the song.

From the video description, we know this video was shot in Utah and that it was so cold he had trouble firing the guns because his fingers were frozen and the weapons — which included an AR-15, an AK-47, a CZ 75 and a Walther P22 — were malfunctioning.

“Jim burned through a fair bit of ammo and battled through some tough conditions to pull it off. In the end he came up with a rendition that any Pitch Perfect fan, Amber’s Drive fan, or gun nut would be proud of,” says the description.

Check out the full performance below…

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