Steal Cohen’s Killer Sculpting Secrets

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Shape Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, has been on the cover of magazines such as Shape, Health, Women’s Health, GQ and Entertainment Weekly for her positive attitude and killer workout routines.

Lauren Cohen’s Workout Routine

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Shape

For Health magazine, the actress work a one-piece and a leather jacket. This issue also had no-diet tips for staying in shape around the Holidays. It looks like the issue came out around the holidays in 2016.

Cohen also promoted the magazine on various talk shows.

Lauren Cohan For GQ Mexico

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Shape

For GQ Mexico, Lauren Cohan stands once again in her workout gear. The magazine also includes an article with Kurt Russell and past issues have featured other stars like Karla Souza and Chrissy Teigen.

Real-Life Survival Skills

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Shape

For Women’s Health, Lauren Cohan revealed some of her real-life skills for staying in shape on set at The Walking Dead. Despite surviving the Georgia heat, that means military-level training, obstacles, and endurance for killing walkers.

She wears a sweater, necklace, and swimsuit bottom on the cover.

Maggie Greene Prepares For War

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Shape

Finally, there’s the many covers of Entertainment Weekly. Lauren Cohan and The Walking Dead crew have been on the cover more times than most anyone else in the entertainment business.

Before Season 7, most of Lauren Cohan’s shoots included standing with Steven Yeun as Maggie and Glenn were the main characters on the show before his death. For her next cover, she’ll either be alone or with Baby Rhee.

Entertainment Weekly poses the actors in their attire and with walkers, but luckily they don’t have to get so dirty or bloody for the shoots. The professional lighting also lets you know they’re not on set.

Have you bought all of these magazines with Lauren Cohan on the cover?

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