Many fans want to meet the Duck Dynasty cast.  The Robertson family and their friends are such great characters.  We can’t help but want to meet them in person.  Here’s how you can make it happen!

Travel to West Monroe

West Monroe Louisiana is the hometown of The Robertson family, and the cast of Duck Dynasty.  It’s the Duck Dynasty filming location.  The city was established in 1883 and has a growing tourist market thanks to the hit reality TV show.

Visit Duck Commander Warehouse

Duck Commander warehousephoto by

Fans of the Duck Dynasty series can visit the Duck Commander building free of charge.  This is the site where most of the hilarious antics from the show take place.  The Duck Commander website boasts that there are great photo opportunities all over the place.  You can take a picture under the famous “Duck Commander Buck Commander” sign.  You can also snap a picture with the family’s 18 wheeler.  If you’re lucky, you’ll see a cast member or two walking around!  You can even see the famous 40th anniversary Duck call.  This duck call was created on an episode of Duck Dynasty, and its goal was to be the largest in the world!

Head to Duck and Dressing

Duck_and_Dressing_Boutiquephoto by

Located at 411 Desiard Street in West Monroe, Duck and Dressing is a clothing boutique owned by Korie and Rebecca Lo Robertson.  The mother and daughter duo teamed up to bring Los Angeles style to the Louisiana area.  They have so far been wildly successful.  If you want to experience a Robertson sighting, this might be just the place to go!  Sadie Robertson has often been photographed in Duck and Dressing clothing store, and Korie has stated that Rebecca works there all hours of the day!

Attend the Live Original Tour

Image result for live original tourphoto by

A business venture that spun off of Sadie Robertson’s book, the Live Original Tour is a wildly successful tour hosted by the duck teen.  The event is primarily for teens and discusses issues they face in their everyday lives.  By attending you’re sure to see the youngest generation of Robertsons.  Sadie calls her tour mates “The Squad.”  The squad includes John Luke, Mary Kate, Reed, Cole, and Brighton Robertson.  

Worship at White Ferry Road  Church of Christ

Image result for white ferry road church of christphoto by

Since the premier of Duck Dynasty, people have come from all over the country to see the Robertson’s family church.  White Ferry Road Church of Christ is located in West Monroe and is open to all people to come worship and hear about the Lord.  The Robertson family is there almost every week, worshiping and praising the Lord.  They are even known to baptize guests at times.

Test Fate and head to these locations on your next trip!  You might just have a run in with a Robertson!

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