Gregory Actor Xander Berkeley Talks Redemption TWD


Xander Berkeley Thinks Gregory Can Change

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are several characters that are hated on The Walking Dead. Currently, Eugene, Jadis, Negan, Dwight, and Gregory are at the top of the list. Gregory actor Xander Berkeley hopes his character gains redemption in the next season.

Xander Berkeley believes in change, but his character is a pretty bad guy. He’s not bad like Negan (kill someone with a bat), but he will double-cross someone in a second. There was even a moment where it looked like he might kill Maggie.

Then it was revealed that he hasn’t killed anyone—including walkers…

“Interesting, Dynamic, And Entertaining” 

Gregory and Maggie on The Walking Dead
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Xander Berkeley told Entertainment Weekly, “I would always want a redemption for Gregory because I believe in humanity and I believe in the possibility of change. But if that doesn’t happen, I just hope it’s interesting, dynamic, and entertaining for the audience to watch the alternative.”

On the character, he added, “…There is hope for [him] at some point through some set of circumstances that [he] can see where [he] have been led astray and some circumstance will come up where [he] can step up and become their better self.”

Unfortunately, Gregory doesn’t seem like the character to grow for good.

Whatever It Takes To Survive…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Like Eugene, Gregory is a survivor. Despite that fact that Xander Berkeley wants his character to turn good, he’s too far gone. He’s more likely pair up with Simon, and join the bad guys, than help Rick and the good guys.

It’s also possible that Gregory could double-cross Maggie and Rick at the last minute. Since he’s got a connection to Simon, he could wait until the last minute and help Negan just like Jadis did last season.

We still don’t know where Gregory went last season on The Walking Dead. While Maggie was taking over, Gregory went off on his own. It’s unclear exactly what he was up to but it’s possible he went to the Sanctuary.

Do you think there’s any good left in Gregory?