Steph Curry Celebrates NBA Title Win

Steph Curry | Photo Credit TMZ

Now that they’re in the off-season, superstar Steph Curry is enjoying some beers and cigars on the beach with his family and friends. Curry just won the NBA finals and now he’s taking some time to celebrate.

The family, made up of Steph, Ayesha, their children, and parents, are celebrating Curry’s second NBA title in Hawaii with a beach picnic. The Gold State Warriors star is smoking cigars and passing out beers to all.

Steph has certainly earned a little rest and relaxation.

Curry Takes Some To Relax In Hawaii

Steph Curry | Photo Credit TMZ

Pop Sugar writes:

“Stephen Curry is celebrating his big NBA Championship win with a family getaway in Hawaii this week. On Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors star hit the beach in Kailua with his wife, Ayesha, and their two daughters, Riley and Ryan.”

“The couple waded in the ocean with their little ones, and Steph kicked back with a beer and cigar as he and Ayesha playfully posed for photos on the sand. That same day, Ayesha treated us to a steamy shirtless photo of her man via Instagram, which she captioned, “‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’ . . . Selena couldn’t have said it better.”

“It’s been a big month for Steph, who took home the championship after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Finals. He had his adorable family by his side both during the big event and at the celebration parade in Oakland, CA, later that week.”

Warriors Close Out Historic Season

Steph Curry | Photo Credit TMZ

NBA writes:

“The Warriors closed out a historic season on Monday, June 12 with their second NBA championship in just three years. After dropping Game 4, the Dubs’ only postseason loss, they brought the Larry O’Brien Trophy back to the Bay following a 129-120 victory in Game 5 at Oracle Arena. Following the expected on-court and locker room celebrations, players took to social media to share their excitement and gratitude.”

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