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In case you missed this week’s TBBT episode, we’ve got The Collaboration Fluctuation recapped for you. Penny and Leonard find themselves in a new dynamic with Raj as a roommate, and Sheldon and Amy find a creative way to help them brainstorm together scientifically. It was an episode filled with funny insults and girly things. Here’s what happened in TBBT Season 10 episode 19.

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The episode opened with Penny and Raj doing yoga and hanging out. It would seem Penny has found a new companion in her live-in roommate. Leonard, on the other hand, is obviously left out. Raj even asks him to walk Cinnamon while he and Penny continue their activities.

Sheldon Is Interested In Amy’s Work

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Sheldon and Amy are in the car driving when Sheldon inquires about Amy’s work. Amy has been trying to pinpoint the moment of consciousness, and Sheldon admits that for once he actually thinks biology sounds interesting. The two decide to collaborate on a project but agree that they need to stay civil and efficient.

Leonard Is Left Out

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Back at Leonard and Penny’s apartment Raj and Penny are having fun together doing face masks, gossiping, and shopping. Leonard feels totally left out and seeks out Bernadette and Howard for advice. While Penny and Raj buy matching shirts and become inseparable Leonard begins to feel jealous that Penny is stealing his best friend, and Raj is stealing his wife. Bernadette and Howard are a little too busy being new parents to give sound advice, but they do convince Leonard to try and talk it out with Penny.


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