OKAY, Here’s The Surprising Reason Why We’ve Never Seen A Christmas On The Walking Dead…

Happy Holidays Walking Dead
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On The Walking Dead, the world has gone to hell in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Still, the survivors have continually tried to cling to civilization as much as possible. So why have we never seen Rick and the others celebrating the Christmas holiday?

On the one hand, the survivors do have a lot going on. Just trying to stay alive in the world of The Walking Dead is a constant struggle. Still, inside the walls of Alexandria, suburban life mostly continues on uninterrupted. (At least it did until Negan and the Saviors came into the picture.)

It actually makes sense that the citizens of Alexandria would want to break out the Christmas decorations every December. Nothing brings people together like the holidays, and maintaining those traditions would go a long way toward reminding people that there’s still good in the world.

So what’s the answer? Why haven’t we ever seen Christmas on The Walking Dead? Forget Alexandria; what about at Hershel’s farm or the prison? It turns out there’s a very practical reason why the survivors don’t celebrate Christmas — keep reading for the answer.

Eternal Summer

Rick Grimes on AMCs The Walking Dead
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Forget Christmas for a moment and consider an even bigger question. Why have we never even seen the seasons change on The Walking Dead? Even though several years have passed on the show, everyone seems to be stuck in an eternal summer. Did the walker apocalypse somehow exacerbate the effects of global warming?

The answer actually has to do with where and when The Walking Dead is filmed. Although the current setting for the show is Virginia, it’s still filming in southern Georgia. While temperatures do change in Georgia, the subtropic climate is not nearly as extreme as the real-world Virginia.

Timing is the real issue, though. The Walking Dead‘s production schedule runs from summer through late November. So the reason it’s always summer on the show is that when the show is filming, it is summer!

Without winter, it would be tricky to bring Christmas into the storyline. So for now, we’ll just have to assume the Alexandrians are celebrating the holidays when we aren’t looking.

Should The Walking Dead find a way to incorporate Christmas into the show? How do you think Rick, Michonne, and the others would celebrate the holidays?

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