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The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

AMC’s version of The Walking Dead has dove further than any other zombie-inspired film or series in the zombie apocalypse. That said, they’ve yet to do much to explain why the outbreak happened in the first place.

It can be can argued that the show really isn’t about zombies (especially since they never use the word “zombie”), but other films like World War Z and 28 Days Later focus around the “why” behind the madness.

The problem, now, however, is that the show is starting to feel repetitious, so maybe audiences finally need to know why things happened the way they did.

If The Walking Dead Explained The Outbreak…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If The Walking Dead finally opened the lid on the reason why the outbreak began, it would give the show a fresh feel and maybe even take the show in a different direction. Now, they meet a new group and conquer or divide with that group.

The gang was previously headed to Washington because they thought they had a cure or might find out more. This was also the main reason why they headed to the CDC back in the first season.

It’s certainly not far off from the narrative to dig in to explaining why it happened.

If The Walking Dead Never Explained The Outbreak…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

However, there’s also a chance that a large portion of fans like not knowing why the outbreak happened in the first place. At this point, if you’re enjoying the show, it doesn’t really matter what caused the big event.

It could also be argued that since they didn’t explain anything back at the CDC in Season 1, there’s not been another chance to do so. Robert Kirkman wants to tell a story with zombies rather than a story about zombies.

There are two sides to the argument and it’s likely that neither side will ever agree with the other. For now, it’s likely we’ll never know why the outbreak began.

Do you think we’ll ever know why the outbreak begun?

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