Here’s Why You Should Actually Be Outraged By Maggie’s Actions


“Gale, I need your gun,” said Maggie Greene. As Jesus and the others stood around Maggie, they were shocked to see her decision. She had a prisoner come out for his execution. Fans were thrilled to see Maggie kill a prisoner, but her actions are troubling.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Saviors killed one of our own out on the road. We aren’t even but that was a start,” added Maggie Greene. Clearly, she had been thinking of this as soon as she saw Simon step out of the car and confront her.

The biggest problem is that Maggie’s action is just like something Negan would do.

Maggie Greene Decided To Kill A Prisoner

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The phrase “eye for an eye” is also known as the law of retaliation. The definition isn’t needed, as the phrase is clear, but the true harm of the phrase comes afterward, when the entire world is blind.

With that in mind, it would appear that Maggie Greene is going to follow the path of Negan. Negan will kill those who double-cross him because he believes in killing “the right people in the wrong way.”

Now, Maggie has killed a person in response to a dead body.

Will Maggie Follow Path Of Negan?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The good news is that Maggie Greene is being both emotional and logical at the same time. Because she asked Simon for the box (coffin), it is clear that she had the right state-of-mind to know who response but keep her cool.

As a viewer, many people were wondering if she was going to tell Simon that she had forty or so of his people. Instead, she decided to go ahead and murder one of these people and then send that body as a message.

The scene will likely be iconic for all The Walking Dead viewers, but it is unclear what that means for the future. For Rick Grimes, his son’s death will change him to become more peaceful, but Maggie has become more vengeful.

What do you think this means for the future of Maggie Greene?

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