Carol And Maggie Meet The Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Near the end of Season 6, Maggie and Carol finally shared a bit of screen time, but unfortunately, it was as captives. While Rick and the crew went in to take out a dozen or so Saviors, Maggie and Carol waited outside.

In a moment of unclear misfortune, when Michonne and Rick were discussing “which one was Negan,” a mysterious voice came on the walkie to reveal there was much more to the Saviors than meets the eye.

Lauren Cohan spoke about working with Melissa McBride for these scenes.

“In this episode, we have Michelle and Paula, the female Saviors, who feel like the alter-egos of Carol and Maggie’s characters. There were a definite repulsion and very strong link between these two pairs,” said the actress.

“Working with Melissa, in the depth we were able to, is literally my Walking Dead dream come true. I have wanted to have more storylines for Maggie and Carol since being on the show and, on an artistic level, this is the most inspiring experience that I have had.”

“On a story level, I love that this craziness has happened and you see the world stop for these two characters, said Cohan.

Carol And Maggie Meet Again, As Leaders

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Things have changed a great deal since the Saviors originally captured Maggie and Carol. This was before Glenn and Abraham were killed before they knew the magnitude of the Saviors and before the groups split up.

Everything has changed since Season 6 of The Walking Dead, but it’s likely Cohan’s dream will come true again seeing as Carol and Maggie are now back, fighting the same fight.

Carol will likely have some influence over The Kingdom, seeing as King Ezekiel is fascinated with her, and Maggie is currently the leader of Hilltop. Carol and Maggie will need to unite once more, but this time as leaders.

Do you think these characters are stronger than they were in Season 6?

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