Andrew Lincoln Reveals Feeling “Physically Sick” When He First Read Glenn’s Death


In an interview with Variety, actor Andrew Lincoln spoke about working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) for the first time and the electric energy on the set.

He also spoke about feeling “physically sick” knowing Glenn was about to die.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On set, the cast and crew have somewhat of a Code of Silence when they know someone is about to die on set. For a while, they didn’t even know who was going to die, which is why they filmed everyone getting hit with Lucille.

Lincoln, as Rick Grimes, was frustrated to film the scenes.

Frustration Playing Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrew Lincoln told Variety:

“I think it was the frustration I felt that I play this man who had answers to every available situation up until this point. I felt just powerless and frustrated and thwarted and angry and all of the things when I was reading it. It made me so upset.”

“I think I was feeling all of the things you’re supposed to feel when watching it: It’s over. Everything [Rick] stood for is over. It hurt me, reading it. It hurt me, because he also feels responsible. He’s put these people — through his own pride perhaps or single-mindedness — he’s put everybody’s life in danger.”

This hurt everyone who watched the scene as well, as many fans even quit watching the show, or so they say.

Rick Grimes, Forced To Work For Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrew Lincoln was used to playing the hero, a fearless leader who could take his followers into dark territories and fight for survival. With Negan, it seemed like he had finally met his match. That was true for the bulk of Season 7 on the show.

“I’m so used to playing someone who had a way out or had an answer and I had to play a man who got to his knees. The joy of playing Rick has been trying to finely calibrate what it is to be a leader. He saw a problem, worked it out, makes mistakes, recalibrates and then that works for a time.”

Lincoln added, “This felt like a demolishing of all of this work that had happened over six years. [Negan] has got a baseball bat and he’s smashing everything I’ve fought for…”

What did you think of watching Rick Grimes work for Negan last season?

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