Star of Duck Dynasty Runs his Own Fox News Podcast, Latest Episode: Buck Commander

I was just made aware of something great. One of our favorite Duck Dynasty sons has his own podcast and it’s taken off. Willie Robertson is now hosting his own podcast on Fox News. The most recent episode aired on August 24th and was named Buck Commander. The podcast started on April 4th of this year and was received well.

With all the garbage on the radio, this is well deserved, conservative radio show for us all. The main focus on the show is family and faith and I believe we need that with the way the country is right now. Willie openly talks about Christian faith and good old fashioned American values. He is not afraid to speak out against the current state of things and openly supports the Second Amendment. Willie endorses Trump and also covers topics related to the presidential race.

The recent episode, Buck Commander featured three special guests. Grant Taylor, Jordan Summitt and former baseball player Adam LaRoche, each join Willie and speak about the last ten years of the working together. You’ll learn how they took Buck Commander from a little hunting business that sold DVDs to a long running, highly popular, television show and their stories are awesome.


The stories of what these guys have been through is crazy. Willie talks about the first time he met Adam and a $380 taxi ride to the golf course. How Jordan was fired twice and was rehired to help turn things into what they are now. The group will also discuss other funnier incidents they’ve been involved in. Like the co-owners Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean entertaining a huge group of people by singing songs before they ever made it onto the radio. Along with that, you’ll hear about exact counts and stories on how many cars they’ve totaled and other crazy antics they’ve experienced together.

The show costs $4.99 an episode or $49.95 a year. It typically airs once a week and is always entertaining. Make sure you check out this podcast if you like the Duck Dynasty show. You’ll get the same type of quality content you would expect from the Robertson family. If you’re sick of the regular garbage on the radio and have been looking for something full of right ethics and values to listen to, then this podcast was created for you.

Plus, it helps support the Robertson family, the Christian faith and the conservative side of our country. You can listen in on the podcast at radio.foxnews/podcast/willie. And make sure to show your support for the family by sharing this post and commenting below. Every share they get and comment is one step closer to seeing another season of the series.

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