Mayim Bialik Celebrates 420

Mayim Bialik decided to celebrate 420, cannabis day, but interviewing her mother. Why her mother? Probably just because it’s funny. Mayim’s mom, Bev, isn’t an avid weed smoker, and doesn’t really have any idea about the stuff. However, it made for some great internet content, and as we all know, Mayim loves great internet content.

Bev Talks Cannabis

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Mayim begins by asking her mother, “What does cannabis mean to you?” Bev answers straight forward, “Cannabis means marijuana.” Mayim dug a little deeper and asked her mom what other names cannabis has. She struggled to answer but came up with pot, weed, and reefer. She said, “I’m a little embarrassed by them.”

Bev knew a bit more about marijuana than she let on. She explained that she knows marijuana can be used as a topical treatment, and an edible. However, she confused a bong with a bongo. 

The most interesting part of this video is how much Mayim Bialik seemed to know about cannabis use. Perhaps this is simply because Mayim seems to know everything. She is a researcher after all and loves to know about all parts of the world. However, the way she talked about some things, particularly different ways to smoke, made us think she might have personal experience.

We aren’t sure though.

Embarrassed Kids

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Some fans may be shocked to realize Mayim Bialik’s son was listening in on this recording. From off camera, we hear a young voice say, “Dad you are not using any of this footage!” WE can presume that one of Mayim’s sons had been listening the entire time, and was quite embarrassed by his grandmother’s knowledge.

Does Mayim talk about marijuana use openly with her kids?

Mayim ended the video by trying to get political about the legalization of marijuana, but Bev wasn’t having it. The pair discussed some of the medicinal uses of the drug, but Bev says she doesn’t want to encourage anyone to use it.

There you have it- another weird video produced by Mayim Bialik. What did you think?

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